Truck Driver Program

Jobs & Visas USA is a top notch HR Employment Referral System , HR consulting company, and of course informing, orienting, guiding international workers to be hired legally in the USA. Jobs & Visas USA presents full portfolios of truck drivers to US transportation recruiters and or employers (disposable, construction, etc) for consideration and to start the process of Labor Certification and Immigration after employer hire the worker independently, staffing companies or through HR Consulting companies hired by the employer.

Truck Drivers for the USA - How does it work?

• Experience: 
-23 years of age, 3 to 5 years minimum experience  for the EB-3 PERMANENT SKILLED EMPLOYMENT PROGRAM that requires minimum 2 years, but we go beyond and requires more years of experience thinking ahead to fulfill requirements of CDL and of course insurance companies that insure the truck drivers CDL type A, type B, type C
- 21 years of age, less than 2 years experience for the EB-3 PERMANENT UNSKILLED EMPLOYMENT PROGRAM CDL type B.
REMEMBER that the employer determine what experience, licenses it requires for the job offered. Based on its decision, the proper program of Green Card is selected. English is always required.
While waiting for the process to be finished, invest on the English language to get at least level Intermediate. 

1. Documents submitted should be in line with Document Checklist. Check list below:

  1. Video Interview
  2. Documents should be saved as .PDF or .jpg, only CV can be submitted in .docx or .PDF
  3. Documents should be reviewed by the agency or representative of the US Employer or Recruiter authorized before submission – make sure that the candidate has required experience qualifications. Ensure that PERM Questionnaire is filled correctly and all document copies 100% legible.
  4. PERM Questionnaire is a document that requires special attention. It is crucial from immigration standpoint, therefore has to be filled correctly – accordingly to the PERM Guide. Key details are:
  5. a) Dates in American format: MM/DD/YEAR
  6. b) No empty spaces (if a box doesn’t apply to the candidate – it has to be filled with NONE OR N/A)
  7. Documents that require to be scanned from 2 sides should be later on combined into one file. Documents that require translation, should be also combined into one file: original & translation.
  8. Each document should be saved separately (not all documents in one file). Documents should be named as follow: SURNAME should be written in CAPITAL letters, Name – first letter a capital one, remaining small ones. Number corresponds to the number of document as it is on the Check list
  9. Documents should be made available via Google Drive. Main folder with the candidates should contain separate folders for each candidate. Each candidate’s folder should be named in the same way as files are named: SMITH, John.
  10. Once a week we require Candidate Data Log where you include the basic details of each candidate and information on the status of their documents. Status of the documents is provided by choosing one of the following options:
  11. Rcvd – Document received and checked
  12. Not Rcvd – Document not received
  13. N/A – Not applicable
  14. Issue – Document is either incomplete or requires correction/translation *
  15. Marriage Certificate *
  16. High School Certificate **
  17. Police Clearance Certificate **

* Exceptions will be made if they prove they have started the process to get this document.
** This document needs to be submitted 15 days after DOL approval ETA 9089.

• Salary:
Initial salary offered by the employers  in search of CDL type A or equivalent it varies from US$55,000 to US$66,000 based on PWD (prevailing wage determination of each state) Of course there are  bonus! For CDL drivers class B or C the salary also varies based on PWD from each state. Of course the employer can offer higher salary than the minimum PWD.

Step by Step:


 JL Recruitment & Consulting LLC 
Get in touch and sign up online with client recruiter reccomended: We must be sure you qualify for Green Cad through permanent employment.


Follow the instructions of the recommended Recruiter JL Recruitment & Consulting LLC


Now JL can really go over your credentials and evidences to be sure you qualify for the position  and your Green Card.


Documentation & evidence documents. 
E-mail JL all documentation in 1 file only with all documentation requested, named, and numbered.  


JL will check everything from experience to licenses and to be sure there aren't any crimes committed in the world, good clean driving record, no overstay in the USA with any I-94 determination, etc.


Receive an official letter of employment from employer.


At the proper moment, interview in the US consulate or embassy and organization for travel to the USA.


Immigration interview as you arrive in the USA. You will be asked to request the issuance of your Green Card based on the stamp of the EB visa in your passport.


American Dream realized!


U.S. law requires companies to employ only individuals who may legally work in the United States – either U.S. citizens, or foreign citizens who have the necessary authorization. This diverse workforce contributes greatly to the vibrancy and strength of our economy, but that same strength also attracts unauthorized employment. E-Verify is an Internet-based system that allows businesses to determine the eligibility of their employees to work in the United States. For more information, please visit