Canberk Hancan

  • H2B Positions
  • Ankara, Turkey
  • Jul 03, 2019
H2B General Labor Marketing Restaurant-Food Service Sales Transportation

What is your goal to work overseas?

Dear employer,

My goal in the USA is to work as much as possible. I am a 4th year bachelor student in earth sciences - mining engineering (as of july 2019) , and I am talented in software development. I want to work a lot to save for my american company plan as a foreign person that I wish to see it coming alive in Delaware,USA. If I were to be sponsored to any job, I can work up to 3 years due to limitations of H2B visa and can pause my education. My priority is to work, save money, create my company and support my family.


I have worked in many industries before in terms of general labor, including in an underground mine as a laborer. I can work well under harsh circumstances and pressure. I can send any file, resume or ask for references on any demand. Since I couldn't upload a pdf, I didn't fill in work experiences which on demand will be provided to you on my resume as well.


I thank you for taking your time and reading this, as well as for your considerations.




Canberk Hancan


High School
Sep 2003 - Jun 2006 Yuce Private Science College

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H2A or H2B Temporary Qualified and Unqualified