Maicon da Silveira Barnasco

  • construction, cleaning, maintenance, security, service, I learn the work if necessary.
  • Santa Maria, RS, Brazil
  • Jul 02, 2019
H2B Construction Government Inventory Landscape Labor Warehouse

What is your goal to work overseas?

Hello, I have been looking for a job opportunity in the USA for over a year, I am dedicated and I always strive, I want to work and improve my living conditions, I started an English course to achieve my goals, I hope they evaluate my experiences and can give an opportunity.
    Wishes of happiness

Work Experience

Warehouse worker
Apr 2018 - Jul 2019 Sulclean Serviços Integrados

I carry out the control of surgical material, control of invoices, transport of hospital materials, receipt and storage of materials.

Secretarial Assistant
Mar 2014 - Jul 2016 Academia de Esportes Golfinhos

Control of cash, customer service, sale of products, receptionist, control of entry and exit of customers.

Mar 2005 - Mar 2011 26° Army Police (Exercito Brasileiro)

Primary military function: Information management and law enforcement.


Main Activities Undertaken –


  • Warehousing;
  • Inventory management;
  • Acquisition processes;
  • Bidding processes;
  • Road traffic control;
  • Bodyguarding.


Outstanding Activities Undertaken –


  • Executive Protection Officer for Brazil’s Former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (2010)


  • United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti (Military Peacekeeper) (2010)


Hight School
Mar 2007 - Oct 2011 E.E.E.M. Mario Quintana

Your Country:


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Employment Type

H2A or H2B Temporary Qualified and Unqualified