Adriano Rangel Vieira

  • Pastry Baker Chef
  • São Paulo, State of São Paulo, Brazil
  • Jun 28, 2019
Permanent or Temporary Hospitality-Hotel Restaurant-Food Service

What is your goal to work overseas?


I would like to make my resume available to the company.

I am certified in gastronomy, certified in baking and confectionery courses.
I have vast experience in kitchen, I worked as Chef de cuisine, I worked as Bakery Chef and Confectioner Chef.

I am Brazilian, currently I live in São Paulo. I am looking for a job opportunity in USA to improve my performance as a Chef of Gastronomy, and learn about American culture.

I intend to go to USA in the of the year. I’ll go with my wife and stepdaughter, and I would like to get a work contract with a visa to continue improving in my profession.

I worked as a Confectionery Chef at Tavares Restaurant in San Francisco (CA). It was a period of great learning, but my daughter became ill and I had to go back to Brazil. Now I'm looking for a new opportunity.

I thank you for receiving my resume, and I look forward to hearing from you, if there is any interest.

Adriano Rangel Vieira



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H2A or H2B Temporary Qualified and Unqualified,   EB-1 / Eb-2 / EB-3 / EB - 4 Permanent