Jose Manuel Morales Pulido

  • Farm And construction
  • Guadalupe
  • Jun 27, 2019
H2A Construction

What is your goal to work overseas?

I work for seasons and return to my country to enjoy my family

Work Experience

ice cream production worker and delivery driver.
Jun 2014 - Jun 2019 HELADOS KARY

Ice cream production for the general public, the seller and the driver of the delivery of the route

corn, bean and chile farmer
Jul 2008 - Jun 2012 family ranch with grandparents

Plant corn and beans with a tractor, fertilize the soil in its growth, irrigate the insecticide so that the pests do not develop and collect the corn and beans respectively in their station


third semester of high school
Jul 2011 - Nov 2012 Tepatitlan Regional Preparatoria Módulo Cañadas de Obregón

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Employment Type

H2A or H2B Temporary Qualified and Unqualified