gokhan demir

  • hospitality
  • Sultanbeyli, Istanbul, Turkey
  • Jun 02, 2019
H2B Construction Hospitality-Hotel Landscape Labor Other Warehouse

What is your goal to work overseas?

I want to make money first , and then to know about different cultures and to improve in English.

Work Experience

Warehouse Worker
Apr 2011 - Tolunay

Filling the orders of customers connected to the company, ready to disperse, to carry out shipment. Merchant
affiliates affiliated with the company provide accounts, orders and supply of products. Account with the customers
connected to the company, to provide current agreement. To provide orders of the firm's warehouse and to provide
control of the warehouse stock. To follow the company's cash transactions.


Oct 1995 - Jun 1997 Karadeniz Technical University

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Employment Type

H2A or H2B Temporary Qualified and Unqualified