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Employers/sponsors, recruiters/agents, companies in general who use Jobs & Visas USA platform, APP (soon to come), an social media, Influence's platform of @jobsandvisasusa such as LeadDynoFacebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn now can expose their job opportunities to attract international workers (job Seekers) who would love to work legally in the United States. Post your job whether it’s a seasonal job or a temporary position. If  you need to hire someone from somewhere else in the world or in need of Adjustment of Status when they are in the U.S., we invite you to register and explore our options with JObs & Visas USA!


Use this multi-purpose, single ad (image HTML code  Size: maximum: 600x250)  to advertise individual or multiple positions, promote a job fair, direct fresh traffic to your profile,  web site, Email, or kick off a general recruiting push. Thousands of applicants from every corner of the world will see your ad through our platform: Job Search / Resume Search. 1 image 1  video allowed.

DURATION: 7 days
PRICE: $139 Post Job now

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The perfect fit is out there - take the time to find each other with this single-position, 30-day posting +  (image HTML code and Maximum size 728x90) Thousands of applicants from every corner of the world will see your ad through our exclusive Job Board on the top or bottom of each page. Resumes access allowed. 2 Images, 1 video allowed.

DURATION: 30 days
PRICE: $269  Post Job Now


International Job seekers aren’t merely looking for a job nor an income - they’re looking for a new place in the United States to call home. The Enhanced Employer Profile is a shiny storefront to actively draw in applicants for all of your positions during your busy recruiting season, as well as a passive recruiting tool to attract future applicants who are planning their next steps, even if you’re not currently hiring immediately. The Enhanced Employer Profile allows you to advertise all of your available positions, paint the picture of your employees' experience, communicate your company’s values, expectations, and culture, outline the high points of your ideal candidate, and illuminate the uniqueness of your company. Don’t just advertise your job opportunities - advertise your way of life.

PRICING - Post Jobs Now

$269/mo $249/mo $209/mo $109/mo

The  ADS from Jobs & Visas USA are available in 4 different term options:

  • 1 Month
  • 3 Month
  • 6 Month
  • 12 Month

Each term has its own advantages and purpose, and depending on your recruiting strategy, one option is likely the best fit for your hiring approach. Thousands of applicants from every corner of the world will see your ad through our social media in English, Portuguese, Spanish. Let’s dive in to the key advantages of each!


The 1 Month profile is the month-long Enhanced Employer Profile (larger picture slideshow, extra video links, and extensive information about your company to improve the likelihood of a great fit), you can list as many open positions as you need to fill. So if you have multiple openings you’d like to advertise, but want to give yourself more time exposure than our 7 day Help Wanted option provides, the 1 Month Profile is a great fit.


The 3 Month Profile is a great option for operations who historically have a short hiring window. If your organization has fewer than 30 positions to fill, or if you’re fortunate to have a moderate number of returning employees  (temporarily), you may not need the lengthier exposure time provided by a 6 or 12 month profile. The 3 Month Profile is right in the sweet spot, giving you a long enough runway of exposure to attract and hire your team for the next season well before you’re ready to open your doors.


The early bird gets the worm, but let’s face it: not all job seekers are early birds. While many seasonal applicants are preparing for summer gigs in December or winter gigs in June, there are plenty of job seekers who have sparks of inspiration later in the hiring season and start making plans only a month or two before the season begins. If you have several positions to fill, and you’ve typically experienced a bit of a staffing crunch as you approach opening day, a 6 Month Profile will give your organization increased exposure to catch both those early birds and the late bloomers.


For the same reason that you wouldn’t take down your company website during your off season, you may want keep your recruitment materials active year round. Enter the 12 Month Profile, a 365 day proactive recruiting tool that allows job seekers to find you and start day-dreaming about spending a season at your amazing place, even if you aren’t currently hiring. Jobs & Visas USA job seekers plan their next opportunities much like travelers plan their next vacation: they might not be ready to buy their airline tickets today, but they’re going to start planning and narrowing down their top choices months in advance, saving and bookmarking their favorites. If your company consistently has positions to fill, either due to the sheer size of your organization or just normal hiring and attrition challenges, use the 12 Month Profile to keep your location and opportunities in front of those job seekers that are always on the lookout for their next destination job!

If you're interested in purchasing jobs with us, email us at  or call (305) 968-3326, and we'll be happy to help you get started!

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