Vineyard Worker

  • Seasonal Jobs H2A & H2B
  • United States
  • Jan 02, 2020

Job Description

Manually plant, cultivate, care for, and harvest grapes. Use hand tools, such as, but not limited to: trowels, hoes, pick irons, hammers, pry bars, wire tighteners shovels, pick axes, tampers, pruning shears, loppers, and picking shears. Duties include tilling soil, spreading fertilizer, planting, transplanting, weeding, pruning, thinning crops, moving catch wires, hedging, installation and removal, of bird/animal deterrents such as netting, seeding cover crops, applying mulch/compost, leaf removal applying fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides, operation of power equipment such as chain saws, trimmers, hedgers, power washers, operation and maintenance of tractors and tractor pulled equipment used in the day to day vineyard operation, picking, sorting, loading harvested product, construct and maintain trellises, fences, machinery, equipment, buildings, landscaping, drainage systems and ditches, irrigation systems, hand harvest and load harvested fruit. Requires three months of agricultural experience preferably in a vineyard.