Nursery Workers

  • Seasonal Jobs H2A & H2B
  • United States
  • Jan 02, 2020

Job Description

Perform manual labor to plant, cultivate and harvest flowering and ornamental plants, shrubs and containerized trees and maintain nursery field stock using hand gardening tools (95%). Operate tractors and other machines and equipment (5%). Spray, weed, fertilize, water, transplant, pot and label plants, shrubs and trees. Prune, stake, tie and trim plants, shrubs and trees into forms according to individual varietal needs using hand tools and ladders. Label, tie, drag, lift, stack and load plants onto trailers, vans and trucks. Feel plants leaves and note their coloring to detect the presence of insects or disease. Fertilize, cultivate, harvest and spray plants. Inspect plants to assess quality. Cut and transplant seedlings, trees and shrubs. Take, prepare and place cuttings for propagation. Identify proper variety and growth stage of cuttings for propagation. Inspect, adjust and replace micro irrigation tubes and emitters. Move and transport containerized shrubs, plants, trees and plant material using carts, wheelbarrows or tractors with clutches. Clean work areas and maintain grounds and landscaping. Haul and spread topsoil, fertilizer, pine bark media and other materials to condition soil using wheelbarrows or carts, shovels and tractors with clutches. Dig, rake and prepare irrigation ditches. GreenForest Nursery, Inc. is dedicated to providing a positive work environment. We always encourage the opportunity for our employees to suggest improvements and changes in production practices to ensure efficiency and equality.