Farmworker: Diversified

  • Seasonal Jobs H2A & H2B
  • United States
  • Jan 02, 2020

Job Description

Worker must possess the physical strength and endurance (ability to continue or last) to repeat the harvest process though out the workday, working quickly and skillfully to perform activities assigned during that activity. Workers may not leave trash, or other discarded items in work areas or vehicles but must dispose of such items in provided receptacles. Workers must wash hands with soap and water after all bathroom and meal breaks. Allergies to varieties of ragweed, goldenrod, insecticides, related agricultural chemicals, etc, may affect workers ability to perform the work described herein. Sanitation Requirements: For food and general personal safety purposes, all workers will be required and expected to follow common sanitary practices at all times. This is particularly critical when hand harvesting crops for human consumption. Employees are required to cleanse their hands by washing them thoroughly with soap and water before and after using the bathroom and before entering the fields for harvest activities. All workers must report all injuries and illnesses to their employer. As well any communicable disease such as but not limited to diarrhea, or any other infectious disease or illness. Workers shall report immediately any cuts or abrasions that cause open bleeding. Duties include but not limited to manually harvest vegetables such as jalapenos, and banana peppers. Workers will assist in starting the plants in a greenhouse, planting and cultivating the vegetable plants. Workers must be able to bend, stoop, and lift and carry up to 30 lb hampers of jalapenos or banana peppers to wagons or conveyors. Will be requested to fill hampers and be taken to assigned area free of field debris such as stems, leaves, rocks, and dirt. Other duties may be assigned such as hoeing using hoe and/ or shovels and packing which will require the use of hands and lifting up to 30 lbs. Workers will work on their feet in stooped or crouched positions for long periods of time. Pumpkins: Workers will be expected to perform routine maintenance activities including pulling weeds and cleaning drip irrigation equipment. At harvest, workers will be expected to select the pumpkins based on the standard disclosed to the worker by the supervisor. Workers will walk along rows and cut pumpkins according to size, color, shape and degree of maturity using a knife. Workers must cut the stem to the proper length and standard as set by their supervisor. Pumpkins will weigh between 28 50 lbs. Workers will clean pumpkins and remove dirt before loading pumpkins. Workers will load the pumpkins onto pallets and boxes on the wagon. Workers must take great care not to damage the pumpkins or stems. After harvest is completed workers will be required to remove mature pumpkin vines from the fields, and prepare for the next planting cycle, if applicable. May also be required to remove trash, rocks or debris from the planting areas. Workers will assist in preparation of field areas. Workers will be required to lift up to 60 lbs consistently throughout the day. Farm Equipment Operation During Field Operations: Workers may be required to operate trucks and tractors as an incidental activity. Before any worker is allowed to operate any truck or farm equipment, the worker will be instructed in the proper and safe operation of equipment. Workers must be properly licensed to operate trucks and other vehicles when a license is required. Repeated failure to obey operating and safety instructions may result in termination. The farm owner/supervisor or a designated employee will provide specific instructions and close supervision. Workers will be expected to perform their duties in a timely and proficient manner and will have close supervision to insure adherence to instruction. Work will be closely monitored and reviewed for quality.