Farmworker: Diversified

  • Seasonal Jobs H2A & H2B
  • United States
  • Jan 02, 2020

Job Description

Worker must possess the physical strength and endurance (ability to continue or last) to repeat the harvest process though out the workday, working quickly and skillfully to perform activities assigned during that activity. Workers may not leave trash, or other discarded items in work areas or vehicles but must dispose of such items in provided receptacles. Workers must wash hands with soap and water after all bathroom and meal breaks. Allergies to varieties of ragweed, goldenrod, insecticides, related agricultural chemicals, etc, may affect workers ability to perform the work described herein. Sanitation Requirements: For food and general personal safety purposes, all workers will be required and expected to follow common sanitary practices at all times. This is particularly critical when hand harvesting crops for human consumption. Employees are required to cleanse their hands by washing them thoroughly with soap and water after using the bathroom and before entering the fields for harvest activities. Collard Greens, Mustard Greens, Turnip Greens, Kale Greens, Herbs (cilantro, and parsley) Green Onions Beets, Broccoli leaves, Cauliflower leaves and Squash, Worker may plant and cultivate crops for vegetable production. Worker may set up, operate, and maintain irrigation equipment. Worker may irrigate soil and plants, using portable pipes and ditch systems, and maintain ditches, pipes, and pumps. Worker may pull plants for transplanting. Worker may set plants by hand and perform activities on a plant setter. Worker may thin plants in fields. Worker may perform hand cultivation tasks, hand weeding, and hoeing in field. Worker may load and unload supplies, packing equipment, full and empty containers, etc. in van, trailer and harvesting machines. Worker may fill water coolers. Worker may make boxes. Worker may repair pallets. Worker may clean van and fields of all trash. Worker may clean roadsides and perform field and grounds maintenance such as bush hogging, mowing, shrubbing, trimming, and picking up roots and limbs. Worker may fill water tanks on farm equipment and machinery with water and soap and chemicals. Worker may be required to burn packaging supplies, trash, roots and limbs. Worker may drive vans, tractors, pickups and other farm equipment. Worker may work with irrigation. Worker may conduct van and trailer sanitation. Worker may direct and supervise a crew. Worker may ensure employee job safety and ensure compliance with food safety guidelines in the crew. If worker is supervising a crew, worker is also responsible for the conduct of his crew, responsible for reporting any misconduct of other workers, and responsible for initiating and performing minor disciplinary action. Worker may check port a john, field sanitation, spray signs and weather safety. Worker may keep counts of harvested and loaded crops, ensuring accuracy of all counts, record keeping, overages, shortages, wrong product harvested and other record keeping. Worker may ensure a crews quality, paying special attention to poor quality, count pounds per box, number of bunches per container, and box marking. Worker may pick and discard culls and sub-quality vegetables in the fields and on packing equipment. Worker is not to wear jewelry or loose-fitting clothing. Worker should keep shirts tucked into pants. If worker has long hair, be sure it is tied back and tucked in shirt.