Crawfish Processor

  • Seasonal Jobs H2A & H2B
  • United States
  • Dec 03, 2019

Job Description

Job duties may include: Bag, bait (chop or prepare), box/case, clean, cleanup work site and sanitize, conveyor belt/steamroom, count, cut, dehead, dock work, dump containers and/or sacks, examine product to meet specifications, extract meat from carcass or shell (using hands, hand tools or knives), fill baskets, boxes, sacks, tables, and troughs, freeze, grade, handle, ice pack, inspect for defects/remove/discard defective and/or waste products, label, lift/carry, load/unload product and/or bait or supplies (from docks, rack, trucks, etc.), move, obtain/distribute, pack/package (place or pour into bags, containers, sacks, etc.), pallet, peel (removing shell), pick/remove trash/foreign matter, pregrade, prepare, process, purge, ready for market, refrigerate or freeze immediately, repackage, rinse, seal, separate/sort, shrink wrap, transport product to vehicles, vacuum pack machine, wash, washing machine/or other equipment required, and weigh. And any other activities as related to crawfish processing.