Agricultural Equipment Operator

  • Seasonal Jobs H2A & H2B
  • United States
  • Dec 03, 2019

Job Description

Crops/Commodities: Potatoes Driving tractors and planters, will plant, cultivate, and harvest potatoes. Workers will drive and operate one or more GPS equipped farm machines, such as tractors, Bottom Switch plows, Grimme planters, Windrowers, line equipment with holding tanks, dry brushers, grading tables, harvesters, pumps, tilling equipment, trucks, holding tanks, case-loaders, pivots, pilers, windrowers, Dammer Dyke s (cultivators) and other mechanized, electrically powered or motor-driven equipment, on farms or in farm equipment repair shops. Workers will operate the farm machinery, equipment and vehicles. Workers will be instructed in the safety and operation of the equipment before driving the equipment. Workers will be expected to be able to operate equipment, with or without direction, in a manner that protects the operator, visitors, other employees, crops, trees, facilities and equipment. Failure to comply with operating and safety standards may result in termination. This is a very demanding and competitive business in which quality specifications must be rigorously adhered to. The equipment workers will be operating and maintaining is expensive and dangerous. Workers are expected to follow the employers requests to not only prevent damage to the equipment, but to also prevent injuries to workers. Any equipment damaged by a workers failure to follow instructions or damaged due to malice will be charged to the worker. Workers may hitch soil conditioning implements, such as plow or harrow to tractor, and operate tractor and towed implement to furrow and grade soil. Workers will drive tractors and operate designated towed machines, such as drill or manure spreader, to plant, fertilize, dust and spray crops. Prepares harvesting machine by adjusting speeds of cutters, blowers and conveyors and height of cutting head or depth of digging blades according to type, height, weight and condition of crop being harvested, and contour of terrain. Attaches towed or mounted-type harvesting machine to tractor using hand tools or drives self-propelled harvesting machine to cut, pull up, dig, thresh, clean, chop, bag or bundle crops. Workers will perform irrigation activities, including setting up and moving irrigation pipes and equipment. While the workers main duties are associated with operation of the potato growing equipment, workers will also be required to perform routine maintenance on the equipment, as well. Examines and listens to machines, motors, gasoline and diesel engines and equipment for operational defects and dismantles defective units, using hand-tools. Repairs or replaces defective parts, using hand tools and shop tools. Workers will replace components, such as carburetors, fuel pumps, generators, ignition points and spark plugs. Reassembles, adjusts and lubricates machines and equipment to ensure efficient operation. May install and repair wiring and motors to maintain farm electrical system. May assist other workers in more complex maintenance tasks, such as overhaul of machinery and equipment. May construct and repair buildings and other farm structures. May assemble and erect new farm machinery and equipment. Workers will be required to prepare farm land for planting. This includes removing trash, trees, stumps, rocks and any other debris or material that will interfere with planting and harvesting crops. Workers will be required to dig ditches for the installation of pipe and to prevent erosion. Workers may be required to pile the debris up for burning. Workers may be required to operate rakes for root and limb removal. Workers may operate dozers, tractors, front end loaders, bobcats and various other pieces of land clearing equipment. Workers may be required to level land by moving dirt from one location to another using trucks and equipment.