Nursery workers

  • Seasonal Jobs H2A & H2B
  • United States
  • Nov 09, 2019

Job Description

The Specialized Farm Labor position includes the planting, growing, maintenance, and packing of plant material. All workers are required to adhere to important safety, quality and production standards alongside fellow workers with a positive, professional, team-based attitude and a consideration for the safety and health of fellow workers. Primary Responsibilities include: Accurately and quickly planting young plant material (plugs or liners) while on potting line conveyor Accurately and quickly pruning plant material to designated specifications Applying cares tags and bar codes Assembling, disassembling and/or repairing shipping racks for use or storage Assembling and/or moving plant material on shipping trays Applying fertilizer Unloading trucks and rearranging racks with or without plant material Pulling, loading, offloading and/or consolidating plant material (plants, plugs or liners) to/from field or production barn as needed and according to job orders and instructions Repairing and maintaining production and non-production areas such as ground cover repair, grass trimming and weeding at times using mower or gas-powered trimmers Re-spacing, spreading, consolidating or dumping plant material according to task/job orders Executing task work orders and documenting quantities and the status of completion Performing general housekeeping duties such as sweeping, mopping, and picking up trash or debris around the farm Weeding plant material Identifying and reporting plant quality issues including removing debris, dirt or poor-quality foliage prior to shipping Operating or working on production line using soil mixers, flat fillers, conveyors, and potting machines Replacing plant containers as needed prior to shipping Placing lot tags in production lots Pruning or trimming plants as instructed by a grower using pruning shears, scissors, or mechanical trimming equipment Operating a forklift, farm tractor, golf cart and/or electric tug Employees are expected to show up to work on all scheduled work days. Employee must let Supervisor know 7 days in advance if they will need to be absent on a given day. In case of emergency or illness, employee must notify supervisor by 8 am that they will not be able to show up for work. Employees are expected to show up to work on time at the start of each work day and be at work until the end of the work day. Also, breaks and lunches will be taken at the appropriate times (10-10:15am break and 12:00 -12:45pm lunch) Any absence outside of the established parameters will be considered Unexcused. Excessive Unexcused absences will be addressed as follows: First Unexcused absence- Written warning Second Unexcused absence- Final written warning Third Unexcused absence- Dismissal/Termination Excessive Absences will be addressed as follows: More than 3 days within a 30-day period will be addressed accordingly and appropriate action will be taken. Tardiness will be addressed as follows. More than 5 tardies within a 30-day period will be addressed accordingly and appropriate action will be taken. Employees are expected to produce a high-quality job/product. This includes, but is not limited to: Participation in company CPS program. Performing tasks to required specification. Maintaining work areas clean and organized. Report all quality issues to their immediate supervisors. Take pride in their work and produce a high-quality job/product. Employees are expected to complete task in established standard times and will be measured accordingly. Task will be handed out with expected completion time frames and employee are expected to produce to the set standard or above. Employees are expected to properly document all appropriate information for the task completion. Start time, end time, qty, personsetc. Employees are expected to punch in under the correct dept code based on tasks being performed: