Farm Workers and Laborers

  • Seasonal Jobs H2A & H2B
  • United States
  • Nov 09, 2019

Job Description

-Planting/Harvesting Strawberries -Workers will perform assigned duties as instructed by their supervisor. -Pick and sort berries by hand. -Grade accordingly to supervisors instructions making sure to discard defective fruit -Gently remove fruit from branches and vines making sure not to damage. -Fruit pickers are expected to work quickly and efficiently. Strawberries grow on low-lying plants; worker must have the endurance and strength to bend over for a long period. You will need to be kneeled for a long period collecting the strawberries, once you have removed fruit from the plant you will need to place them in a strawberry pint or clamshell carefully so no injury may occur to them. Fruit pickers must be detail-oriented, fast and reliable so they can remove fruit without loss. Prune strawberry bushes by hand using pruning shears and loppers. Remove debris from fields using hoes, shovels, baskets, etc. Worker must be able to withstand working in the direct sunlight and weather conditions ranging from hot and humid weather, moderate rain and cold while performing their required duties. Fruit harvesters must carefully, yet quickly, inspect fruit and bushes for signs of disease, insect manifestations, worms, rot and remove or replace bushes as directed by farm manager. Each worker must pick the plants clean of all ripe fruit. It is the picker's responsibility to sort good product from contaminated or rotting fruit to ensure that all produce will be routed to appropriate facilities for cleaning and distribution. Chop off, pull up, or twist off strawberry plants in preparation for next crop. Remove blossoms to improve fruit quality. Duties may include tilling soil, transplanting, pulling weeds, raking, cleaning around shed area, thinning or pruning crops, cleaning, grading, and packing harvested product. May repair fences and farm buildings and participate in irrigation activities.