farm laborer

  • Seasonal Jobs H2A & H2B
  • May 23, 2020

Job Description

Greenhouse workers will help to keep trays mow off and trimmed back until planting time. They will keep area around greenhouse and float beds weed eat and mowed. During the setting process, workers will ride a four row setter, feeding the tobacco plants into rubber shoes, that insert the plants into the ground. This process requires long periods of sitting and loading trays from wagons, onto the setter. Workers will rotate following the setter on foot to check for plants that may have fallen out or gotten missed and replanting them by hand. Workers will have to "chop out" the tobacco, this involves walking the rows, with a garden hoe, and chopping the weeds out between the plants. Topping involves walking the fields of rows, and breaking off the top couple of inches of blooms from the tobacco plants. Cutting/spiking/hauling In- Workers will use a tobacco knife to cut the plants at the bottom of stalks and piling them into sections of (6) plants, then going back to place those plants onto a wooden tobacco stick using a metal spike, then standing the stick up in the fields. After 2 or 3 days, workers will haul the sticks by loading them onto wagon/trailers, then hanging the sticks into large barns, sectioned off by tear poles. Workers must be able to lift 50 to 60 pounds, repeatedly. Stripping- workers will take down the sticks of tobacco in the barns, remove the stalks , and place in piles; workers will remove/tear the leaves from the stalks, learning to grade into (3) piles by color and looks, then bundled into large burlap bags, tied, and tagged with numbers for baling. Workers are expected to bundled/tie up their sticks,discard empty stalks onto wagons, and be responsible for their bags, plastic, and cleaning up the barns after stripping. Workers will help with the baling process, bu putting the leaves into large baling machines that compress the leaves into bales and weighs it. Workers will do basic farm jobs,( cleaning, fencing,mowing, weed eating, etc. ) during the between times of tobacco process, to help ensure their 3/4 guaranteed hours of their contracts. Lifting 50 to 60 pounds,climbing, bending, and repeated movements are ALL requirements of tobacco labor workers.