Field Workers: Garlic Machine & Hand Harvesting

  • Seasonal Jobs H2A & H2B
  • May 23, 2020

Job Description

H-2A and corresponding domestic workers must be available to perform each of the following job activities in connection with the harvesting and farming operations: Field workers to perform the following duties: Garlic topping/ hand harvest: This job requires the employee to top garlic in an open field on hands and knees with company provided shears. Topping garlic is a process by which the garlic bulb roots and stems are cut with shears, placed in a bucket then dumped into a bin for processing. Employee must handle garlic bulbs with caution to avoid damage. Employee will need to insure minimal amount of dirt, roots and trash are not placed in bucket. Employee must be able to handle pulled garlic on hands and knees; separate, pull, grasp, cut, clip, and lift buckets to the bin; safely walk on uneven ground in different parts of the field to perform the work. Garlic windrowing: This job requires the employee to work in an open field on hands and knees by pulling garlic and placing it on the ground. Windrowing garlic is a process in which the garlic is laid on the windrow covered with garlic stems on top of each other. Employees will need to ensure that pulled garlic is completely separated, shaken to remove dirt, and placed on windrow/ furrow covered with garlic stems to avoid sun damage. Employee must be able to pull up long leaves on hands and knees; separate, lift and grasp; work and reach garlic moving up to 40 bed; safely walk on uneven ground in different part of the fields to perform the work. Field Forklift Driver: Employee must be able to load and unload quickly and carefully to keep up with the demands of the harvest crew. Must wear company issued safety glasses at all times while operating the forklift. Perform light maintenance checks prior to operation such as fuel, oil, and air for tires. The employee will report all injuries and accidents to Supervisor immediately. Before use of equipment, employer will provide, at no cost to workers, forklift safety certification training in accordance with Cal-OSHA general industry safety orders 3649-3669. The essential functions include, but are not limited to the following: Follow all safety precautions for OSHA and the Ranch Possess a forklift license (will be issued by FHI) Basic Counting Skills Ability to move, stack, and/or dump bins, gondolas, pallets, and crates while driving forklift on various types of surfaces, such as, concrete, hard dirt, mud, row crops, etc. Ability to judge distances. Maintenance checks prior to use and fill out daily checklist. Work in a timely manner to satisfy the needs of the awaiting crew. Load commodities on all types of trailers, trucks, and equipment. Always be aware of surroundings like power lines, poles, people, and other equipment Wear required Safety goggles/glasses to protect against dust, dirt, and debris. Report all mechanical problems immediately Machine Harvest: This job requires the employee to follow all directives from the Supervisor for each type of job. The primary function of this position is to sort out dirt clods, debris and chaff as determined by the foreman while the conveyor belt is moving. If it is too wet to use the machine, the employee must carry full buckets of garlic/shallots and dump into the 4ft. high bin. The employee must carry out all safety precautions with regards to machinery and company policies. Employees must report all injuries/accidents to the Supervisor immediately. All workers must know and use proper lifting techniques while filling, carrying, and dumping buckets. Employee must take caution while climbing up and down ladder on loader. Must be aware of pinch points, and tire paths of the harvester and tractors. Must stay out of the path of the moving harvester/loader when machine is moving to another area. Must wear company issued gloves, glasses and dust masks.