Farmworkers and Laborers, Crops

  • Seasonal Jobs H2A & H2B
  • May 23, 2020

Job Description

FARM LABORER: Worker will hand collect onions from the corner ends of the fields spanning a length of 50 feet and gently place into 5 gallon buckets. Worker will then carry full buckets of onions weighing up to 50 pounds and gently dump in the center rows in the field to prepare the rows to be harvested mechanically. Worker will be required to weed in carrot and onion fields by hand or using a hoe. Worker will be required to identify and remove undesired plants, without causing harm to or removing adjacent carrot and onion plants. Worker will be required to stoop, bend, and work on hands and knees for long periods of time. Hoes will be used in the weeding process at discretion of management. Worker will be required to efficiently use the hoe without causing damage to carrot or onion plants and may be transferred to solely hand weeding if supervisors find hoe damage to carrots or onions. Worker may be required to pick up and move 5 gallon buckets of onions, weighing up to 50 pounds, to ends of rows as directed by supervisor. Worker will assemble boxes by hand by grasping flattened box, folding flaps down and pushing tabs into locked position. Worker will apply a sticker with the code date and product code to the assembled box. Workers will conduct various farm, field and packing house clean up tasks such as cleaning the break room, restroom, office, sweeping and shoveling onions and cleaning equipment and work area as instructed by supervisor. MAINTENANCE: Worker will be responsible for general repairs and maintenance of farm equipment on the farm. Worker will repair farm equipment using shop tools such as a torch, power saw, air impact, and wrench. Shop tools will be provided by employer. IRRIGATION: Workers will be asked to dig trenches using a shovel and load, unload, carry and connect irrigation pipe. Workers will also inspect new and pre-established irrigation pipe to make sure equipment is working properly. Workers will be required to lift 60 pounds. DRIVING: 1. Tractor Driving: Worker may be required to operate a tractor and engage in general tractor work, including but not limited to transporting, pulling, pushing, and the loading and unloading of product. 2. Forklift driving: Worker will operate forklift to load and unload both empty and full containers from tractor trailers to semi-trailer, or set aside in loading area as directed by supervisor. 3. Truck driving: If worker is eligible to drive under Michigan law and has appropriate license endorsement, Employer may require worker to drive to and from the worksite and within 30 miles as directed. 4. Trailer driving: If worker is eligible to drive under Michigan law and has appropriate license endorsement to operate vehicle/tractor with attached trailer, Employer may require worker to transport trailers to and from worksites within a 30 mile radius. Worker will move trailers throughout field/loading area to allow harvest crew to put harvested product on trailer. Worker must also inspect for product not meeting quality standards and report to supervisor. Pay will be hourly.