Salmon Roe Technician

$14.75 hourly
  • Jobs & Visas USA
  • Yakutat, Alaska, USA
  • Jul 05, 2019
H2B Other

Job Description

Duties: Responsible for processing salmon roe to produce Ikura and Sujiko (Japanese salmon roe products) for export to the Japanese market. Sort, salt preserve, mix, use agitating equipment, soak into brine solution or soy seasoning, dewater, and refine salmon roe to produce Ikura and Sujiko. Inspect and ensure net weight and attractive presentation by interleaving roe skeins in prescribed manner. Exam cured roe, control usage of food additives, test products for nitrite content, and maintain sanitation conditions of roe. Pack Ikura and Sujiko according to grade and quality. Maintain and control quality, uniformity, market acceptance, and the highest price of products. Provide technical expertise in production process, grading, and quality control and specification. Must have 24 months of experience in processing salmon roe for the Japanese market and knowledge of processing and grading standard of salmon roe for the Japanese market. Will work 40 regular hours per week with up to 20 hours of overtime per week (everyday from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm including overtime hours). Actual overtime hours and work schedule depend upon fish availability. Regular pay is $14.75 per hour and overtime pay is $22.13 per hour (paid at time and a half).