Amusement and Recreation Attendant 

$8.66 - $12.21 hourly
  • Jobs & Visas USA
  • Farmland, IN 47340, USA
  • May 30, 2019
H2B Customer Service

Job Description

Job duties: Perform variety of attending duties at traveling amusement carnival to include, setting up amusement rides by releasing straps restraints from trailers, tracks rainlings and support bar positioned and connected, amusement car/ride or bench positioned and connected, fencing and signage positioned, ticket boxes illuminated, sell tickets, monitor patrons to insure safety, direct patrons to rides and seats, operate amusement rides by "on/off"button, also perform setting up tent, tables/chairs, open door/windows to food trailer, awning raised and secured, hang food signs, stock food with supplies for event, napkin dispensers / salt / pepper / ketchup and mustard placed ouside trailer, clean/sweep eat area, connect electrical cords and flip "on" button to turn on equipment and operate amusement food concession by serving soda and bottled water, popping popcorn, cotton candy and corn dogs, then at end of event, turn "off" all amusement rides an food equipment, take down and disengage all track railings, support bars, fencing, tents, tables/chairs and signage and place into traveling trailer, strap and secure all equipment, clean area and travel to next event. 40hr/week with anticipated work schedule being Sunday 12noon to 10pm quth 2hr off, Monday closed, Tuesday 9am to 5pm with 1hr, Wednesday and Thursday 5pm to 11pm with 1hr off, Friday 5pm to 12midnight with 1hr off and Saturday 12 noon to 12 midnight with 3hr off. Work hours and work schedule will vary location to location based on event organizers, inclement weather conditions, local customs and rules and/or business conditions. No overtime expected. No training or experience required.

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