H-2A H-2B versus EB-3

H-2A H-2B EB-3 
What is best for my company?

If you need permanent employees do not hire them through H-2A or H2-B (temporarily) anymore, hire them through EB-3 Permanent Employment Program. (professional, skilled, or unskilled workers) why? Because international workers with your job offer PERMANENTLY can adjust their visa status if already in the USA as students, tourists, or any temporary employment program such as H-2A or H-2B that you already sponsor. Or if they're outside the USA then they'll get their Green Card to work permanently in the USA

Cost Comparison per worker H-2A or H-2B versus EB3 worker:
The average cost for an H-2A or H-2B temporary worker today is between $1,500 to $2,000 including consulting, transportation, USCIS, and Consulate fees. Now, lets look at the EB3 expenses you will have as an employer:
- Newspaper ad per title of job independently how many workers you need: $,1200 to $1,500 one time. Our system do all the employer labor process including recruiting in house with qualified human resources specialists and immigration attorneys at no cost to you if you hire more than 5 workers at once under the EB3 process through JL Recruitment & Consulting LLC. 

EB-3 Permanent Employment Program 
Labor Consulting per worker: ZERO (above 5 workers)
Cost of the program for the employer/sponsor per Job Title:
Newspaper Ads + SWA ads: $1,200 to $1500 for 60 days (depending of newspaper and region)

Our clients are extremely satisfied with this program because of the following benefits:
Year-round employees – EB-3 provides you with a pool of workers available all year (they do not need to return to their home countries), because their status is permanent for up to 10 years. EMPLOYER CAN FIRE EMPLOYEE AT ANYTIME. EMPLOYMENT IS AT WILL.

Unlimited labor pool – Most companies in the US are fighting for the same workers, our program solves that problem and gives you access to thousands of extremely qualified and motivated workers from all over the world. The Request of Prevailing Wage for the position, the ads, the recruiting and selection takes between 4-6 months. The certification of each worker through DOL (department of Labor) takes an average of 3 months.  You can have workers working for you that are in the USA with adjustment of status in about 8-10 months. Outside the USA around 12 months with their Green Cards. 

Highly qualified – We only accept the top 1% of workers that apply to the program. You can be confident that you are getting only the best of the best.

Company loyalty – International workers feel an immense sense of gratitude for the opportunities that company sponsorship provides, motivating them to do their best every day that they are on the job.
High retention rates – Working in the United States is an amazing opportunity for the workers and their families for a variety of reasons, and they do not take it for granted. High retention rates finally make it possible for companies to reduce recruiting costs and increase profitability.
Extra: Your H-2A or H-2B workers already in the U.S.A working for you can adjust it to EB-3 to acquire their Green Card and work for you permanently for minimum 1 year without having to return home as long their H-2A or  H-2B status is valid. So,  the sooner we start  your Prevailing Wage For permanent through DOL the better. 

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