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JL Recruitment & Consulting LLC  recruits and places qualified and not so qualified international workers for difficult-to-fill and high-turnover positions throughout the U.S., where U.S. workers are unavailable. JL R&C has available skilled, unskilled, and professional workers of all educational levels, spanning all industries. JL R&C  work together with qualified and experienced Immigration Firm to process and file applications with the government agencies such as DOL and USCIS.  JL R&C is the only US - HR and Immigration that own a unique Job Board severing as a bridge between international workers and US employers, viti and Post your jobs easily as 1,2,3: Jobs & Visas USA.


Many companies find it difficult to recruit and retain motivated and skilled employees who have the specific qualifications for the job. Perhaps your company is in a highly skilled industry, or in a trade in which there is a limited number of qualified workers, or in a business that has a high employee turnover, or in a geographical location that does not attract workers. If any of the above apply to your company, you should consider hiring international workers permanently under the correct Permanent Employment Program that offer Green Card.  JL R&C can provide your company full screened portfolios of international workers, and arrange interviews with them who will meet the requirements of your open positions. Also, individuals can also hire permanently for their household as well. 

General Services - Unskilled EB-3 Program


Air Jobs - Skilled EB-3 Program (great program to adjust status from M-1)
and graduate flight students 
Transportation Jobs - Truck Drivers (CDL A, CDL B) Skilled EB-3


JL R&C has over 20 years of experience in international recruiting and placement. JL R&C can eliminate the time-consuming, difficult, and uncertain efforts and costs your business would incur in searching for qualified overseas workers. With our established international network and our overseas branch offices, JL R&C sources workers from Asia, Europe, and South and Central America.  JL R&C also has international students currently studying at U.S. universities who are eager to remain in the U.S. and find employment in their field. Furthermore, F-1, M-1, J-1 student visa holders as well, not to mention temporarily workers in the USA with H-1B, H-1C, H2A, H2B, H3, O, P, R, among other wanting to get hired permanently to benefit of the Green Card through employment program. 


The hiring process for an international worker is similar to that for hiring a U.S. worker. JL R&C will assist your company’s hiring managers to interview qualified international candidates for your open positions after you're done with local recruiting, or we can do the recruiting ourselves from start to finish and take the selection of candidates for you.  When you decide on the right candidate for employment and wish to sponsor him or her for permanent residency, JL R&C along with the immigration consultants, will implement and monitor the entire U.S. government application process for that worker and your company. After the worker begins employment with your company, that employee must adhere to all of your company’s policies and the requirements for the position. As with a U.S. worker, you, the employer, retain your rights of “at will” termination of the employee.

US Immigration Attorney

JL R&C LLC and its US immigration Attorney of choice will provide guidance to insure that the DOL and USCIS process are in full compliance with diverse immigration-related regulations and to insure the continuing smooth flow of the process at all stages.  Through our Immigration Attorney we use what is called Immigration Clinic where the employer and employee follow the process online using a designated login and password to follow their process 24/7.

After you send us your request to eb3application@jlrecruitment.net and submit information about you and your needs, we will review your questions and e mail you back right away to let you know if a consultation/analysis is appropriate and if so, what it will cost to begin the process for your case. We may also wish to speak with you briefly before moving forward and passing your case to our in-house Immigration Attorney At Law -- for no charge  over the phone or using Whatsapp, Skype, Messenger.

The normal fee for our Immigration Attorney Employment related visa - Green Card is $900 Retainer Agreement Fee : (PW, recruiting, Ads, SWA, ETA 9089 and USCIS I-140 filling) + $1000-$1500 Newspaper Ads depending on the job title and EB-3 Category and what major newspaper we will place the Ads. All information provided to us by our clients is kept 100% confidential. 

These days the vast majority of consultations are successfully and more conveniently  conducted using Skype, over the telephone or over lunch. If necessary we will arrange to meet you in a secure conference room in Hollywood, Florida or at your location.

If we do not respond within 24 hours to the request for "consultation", please call us 305-968-3326 or 954-843-3521 (9 to 5)


The services of JL R&C go beyond recruitment, placement, and immigration. JL R&C will also provide, in partnership with your company, relocation assistance and guidance for your international workers to help them and their families (optional) make the transition from their home country to their new home and employment. JL R&C can provide information and guidance on how to find housing, transportation to work, and school systems for the workers’ children. JL R&C has even helped pick up new workers from the airport, assisted them in opening bank accounts, purchasing a car, getting cellular phones, health and life insurance, etc. 

Q & A ( Most Frequent Questions)

Do I have to pay and hire the employee as soon as I agree to sponsor?
No. First employer must be engaged in searching for labor locally, become certified by the state and start the recruiting. The sponsorship is for a future position with USCIS, so you are under no obligation to hire anyone, although you must keep records of interviews. You will officially hire the applicant’s after offering him/her an official offer of employment with a letter head document stating job title, duties, salary and for how long. After the petition 9089 is fully approved (roughly 4-6 months) or less.

Do I have the option to hire the applicant before the petition is approved?
Yes. You are free to hire the employee at any time in the process prior to entry in the US. We do all the recruiting for you presenting you only profiles of qualified applicants based on your request. Although the sponsorship USCIS will only occur after the form 9089 is approved in the name of the applicant and after the applicant receives approval from USCIS.

If I hire the applicant while they are abroad, how much do I have to pay them?
You have no obligation to pay anything, but if you want to, It is up to you. There are no USCIS limitations regarding how much you have to pay a non-US worker. If the the applicant is in the USA you can also pay him if you would like even before work starts.

When must the employer start paying the Prevailing Wage that is listed on the petition?
When the employee arrives in the U.S. and begins working for you. Or when the employee is in the USA already with the EAD acquired through your sponsorship. The employer can begin paying the prevailing wage at any point, but is under no obligation to do so until the employee actually enters the United States and begins working. Or in the case of the employee it is already in the USA and received to EAD (employment authorization).

How long must an employee continue to work for an employer after the green card petition is approved?
There is no set time that the employer must retain the employee. Since the employment relationship is “at-will”, the employer can treat the employee like any other worker . However, if the employee decides to quit early on, it may raise problems for his/her future citizenship application. Ideal is for the employees to stay at least one year with the employer. Some companies prefer a commitment of 3 to 5 years like transportation companies and or health companies for instance.

Does it matter which countries the employees are from?
All EB-3’s filed now are being processed within 12-24 months, with the exception of those filed for nationals of India, China and the Philippines who are subject to lengthy backlogs. Remember that employees in the USA that filled Adjustment of Status can start working in between 6-9 months with a Premium process at USCIS level.

How long does the job need to be held open for?
The job must be held open until the processing for the EB-3 approval is complete. Towards the end of the process, the employer must provide the employee with a letter to take to the U.S. consulate in their home country that states that the job offer is still open.

Who pays for the EB-3 Process, EMPLOYER or EMPLOYEE?
The whole cost for the Labor Certification DOL is the responsibility for the employer such as immigration consultation + job ads in major newspapers and other job postings system such as Jobs & Visas USA platform. Our Immigration Attorney sign a Retainer Agreement with the employer covering all costs of the PWD, EA 9089, I-140

USCIS costs such as I-485, I-907, I-765 is usually the responsibility of the new employee, since there is a Green Card benefit for him and his family and many costs related to the process.  
Costs to the employee:
Please contact for details. 

Do you have any questions? send them to us eb3application@jlrecruitment.net or jobsandvisasusa@gmail.com or call us +1 (305) 968-3326

U.S. law requires companies to employ only individuals who may legally work in the United States – either U.S. citizens, or foreign citizens who have the necessary authorization. This diverse workforce contributes greatly to the vibrancy and strength of our economy, but that same strength also attracts unauthorized employment. E-Verify is an Internet-based system that allows businesses to determine the eligibility of their employees to work in the United States. For more information, please visit http://www.uscis.gov/e-verify.

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