DiBara Masonry

  • 1607 North El Centro Avenue, Los Angeles, CA, USA
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At DiBara Masonry, we are proud to be a fourth generation company. Michael Larusso and Matteo DiBara emigrated to the United States from Italy in the early 1900s, leveraging the one skill they had to support themselves: masonry. Each of them built his new home from brick and stone, with the help of the neighboring community and from the ground up. At the time, it may have appeared that they were merely constructing residences, but it would turn out that they were building the foundation of a legacy that would last for decades.

During their first few months as residents of America, everyone in their community grew to trust Matteo and Michael as a reliable team to handle all of their masonry needs. Indeed, over time, their neighbors began to turn exclusively to them to build their family homes, knowing that honest advice and high-quality work was assured. This was in a time before permits, housing inspectors, or building codes; when a team was brought on to complete a project, customers had to know that they could rely upon its work ethic, integrity, and quality. It was well-known that choosing Matteo and Michael meant results customers could trust and a final product they could enjoy for generations to come.

Michael and Matteo were my great grandfathers. They were guided by the belief that when you are providing a service for people in your community, people who you see every day, there is no choice but to deliver the absolute best quality work of which you are capable. As years passed by and they created a full-time business—with help from my grandfather, Pasquale DiBara—from the craft they'd honed, this passion never fell by the wayside. Even now, my family and I still stay true to my grandfather’s famous adage: Treat each customer as if they were your neighbor. At DiBara Masonry, this is something we strive to accomplish every day, with every job, and I can guarantee we will continue to do so.