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H-2A Processing Times (updated 3/1/2019)

H-2A Processing Times (updated 3/1/2019)

H-2A Processing Times (updated as of close of business 3/1/2019)

*Figures may change slightly because applications submitted, then withdrawn are excluded.

These tables are intended to help employers understand the processing of H-2A applications on a weekly basis. The tables indicate the calendar week from which employer applications initially received at the Chicago National Processing Center (CNPC) are under active review and issued either a Notice of Acceptance (NOA) or a Notice of Deficiency (NOD), as well as the percentage of all cases received during that calendar week that have been issued an initial or 1st action. As soon as all 1st actions for applications received during the calendar week are issued (i.e., 100% complete), the CNPC will move to the next calendar week of applications received and the chart will be updated accordingly.

*A “complete” H-2A application is defined as one containing all the documentation required by law or regulation (e.g., recruitment report, farm labor contractor license, housing inspection report) necessary for the OFLC to issue a final decision 30 days before the employer’s start date of work. For “incomplete” applications, OFLC must either issue Notice of Denial or provide employers with additional time to submit documents necessary to meet program requirements. Providing additional time could extend the processing time of any individual application beyond 30 days, thereby increasing average processing times. The actual processing time for each particular H-2A application may vary from the average depending on material facts and individual circumstances of the case. OFLC is only reporting the average processing time for H-2A applications for which processing was completed over the most recent two-week period.