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JL Recruitment & Consulting LLC is the only Human Resources and immigration services in the USA offering real permanent jobs to foreigners under the EB-3 Unskilled Permanent Program that offers Green Card. 

The 3 steps of the EB-3 Skilled or Unskilled Permanent Employment Based Program- Others, after employer certification
1. The employer files FORM- 9089 with his certification with the Department of Labor with the details of the vacancy, information regarding the company and the new employee selected, so the new employees can get their individual Perm. Some workers 

PERM Labor Certification. Program Electronic Review Management is the system used to process labor certifications, which is the first step certain foreign nationals must take in order to obtain an EB-3 immigrant visa.

  1. The new international worker will be investigated based on all information provided with our assistance to the system. It takes around 2-3 months for the approval of the worker at state level (DOL).
  2. Upon certification PERM, employer file form I-140 for the worker with USCIS showing that he had certified the worker and his financial ability to pay the international worker the prevailing or actual wage (which is higher). The employer’s files together I-485 if the Green Card date is CONCOCURRENT based on the country where the international worker is from based on the Green Card Bulletin issued monthly by USCIS. All costs of immigration attorneys and USCIS fees are the responsibility of the worker in the case of EB-3 Unskilled Permanent Employment Program. The filling of I-140 request will be premium to get a response in 15 days. The other forms such as request of employment EAD and PL authorization of employment may take a little longer to be determined since USCIS must make sure of Green Card availability, but it has been very fast so the new international worker in the USA can start working right away waiting for his Green Card interview to get his Green Card.

What is next for the international job seeker hired PERMANENTLY by an US employer?
1. If the worker is in the USA, the whole process will start and finish at USCIS offices in the USA with the Adjustment of Visa Status. And it may take approximately 12 to 18 months for the Green Card based on employment, although the worker will have to wait in the USA until he gets his initial USCIS approval, EAD, SOCIAL SECURITY, PL (advance Parole) months before receiving his Green Card.  If the worker is outside the USA the process takes 12-18 months, up to 24 months based on the US CONSULATE or EMBASSY availability to handle interview and the process. The worker must wait until the whole process is done in order to come in to the USA with the EB-3 VISA in order to request his Green card approval.

  1. The worker’s spouse and unmarried children (whose age is under 21 years) may obtain green cards together with him/her or “follow to join” at a later time.
  2. The EAD is a plastic card about the size of a credit card which contains personal information, the alien number of the holder and an expiration date. In some cases, the EAD may also contain an “advance parole” which permits the person to travel internationally and return to the U.S. EADs which read “Valid for Re-Entry to U.S.” also serve as advance paroles.

           Persons with EADs may work for any employer and may change jobs at will. Although we require the worker to sign an agreement of minimum 12 months with us or until his/her Green Card is issued (average time after I-140 approval is 9-18 months)

When can a foreign worker start working for the employer?
Immediately after receiving his/he EAD. In 3-5 months on average the worker can be part of the company payroll, of course the employer must be permanently certified. If not, add 3-4 more months to the process. This is for whoever is already in the USA requesting Adjustment of Status. Who doing the process outside the USA the process may take anywhere from 12 to 18 months, in some cases up to 24 months. The applicant outside the USA must wait for the whole process to be finished in order to come to the USA to start working for the employer and to get his/her Green Card upon entrance in the USA.

What are the Vacancies?
We post our jobs in the plataform (web site)  Jobs & Visas USA 

How much does it cost the Employer for permanent labor certification?
Employer must be responsible for the advertisement cost of the VACANCY in a major regional newspaper where located. We go over your application and will send you the cost for the advertisements.

How can an employer start the process
1.If you are already a client of ours, we will get all information from your company through form 9141 and start with the PWD protocol from Department of Labor; An agreement contract must be signed to guarantee our services and our responsibilities of our services to you.
2. JL Recruitment & Consulting LLC and its immigration services partner will contact all the workers that may be interested in the Job Offer to start the preparation of all documentation for the Department of Labor in your state and USCIS.
3. You will review all resumes of applicants based on your needs.
4. International Workers must be aware of the financial responsibility of the EB-3 UNSKILLED PERMANENT EMPLOYMENT BASED program at the USCIS level and immigration consulting costs.

How much does it cost the Applicant-worker for the whole process with USCIS under  EB-3 Unskilled Permanent Employment?
We charge a flat fee of $21000 or $25000 (I,II,II option of payment) including all immigration consulting and USICS fees in the name of the international job seeker (excluding family members: $1725 extra per person) who signs an agreement and nondisclosure agreement with us. The payments are breakdown as follow:

Request for participation online:
$200 charge for the service of visa consultation, information, orientation, review of personal portfolio, questionnaire, agreement contract.

  1. $4800 upon agreement signing (retainer agreement)
    b. $5000 90 days after first payment
    c. $5000 180 days after first payment
    d. $6000 270 days after first payment

$200 charge for the service of visa consultation, information, orientation, review of personal portfolio, questionnaire, agreement contract.
a. $4800 upon agreement signing (retainer agreement)
b. $5000 90 days after first payment
c. $1250 x 12 payments = $15000

$200 charge for the service of visa consultation, information, orientation, review of personal portfolio, questionnaire, agreement contract.
a. $4800 upon agreement signing (retainer agreement)
b. $1000 x 20 payments = $20000