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There are several workers overseas waiting for their I-140 approvals to proceed to Immigrant Visa Process under the EB-3 Permanent Employment Program: Be ready as of today to get organized to finally go to the interview in a few months!        
Trabalhe e viva nos USA permanentemente atraves do programa de trabalho EB-3 unskilled - others. As vantagens e investimento sao melhores que qualquer outro programa de permanencia e possibilidade de Green Card. Participe, garanta sua vaga      
JL Recruitment & Consulting LLC is the only Human Resources and immigration services in the USA offering real permanent jobs to foreigners under the EB-3 Unskilled Permanent Program that offers Green Card.  The 3 steps of the EB-3 Skilled or Unskilled Permanent Employment Based Program- Others, after employer certification 1 . The employer files FORM- 9089 with his certification with the Department of Labor with the details...