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EB-3 Permanent Employment Program - Green Card


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Jobs & Visas USA  is a job/resume platform and APP online  that serve as a point of encounter between the sides. It is imperative that the professional's profile be ready, completed, professional, and in English. All evidences of experience through Letters of Employment from present and past employers, valid passport, US visas (if any), education certificates, medical exams, video resume, photo, etc. Furthermore, U.S. employers/sponsors and or recruiters must be 100% that the professional qualifies for the Green Card under USCIS rules. 

Step 1:
Sign Up. The applicant will be able to  post personal + professional information through Jobs & Visas USA system that will be available to hundreds of employers in search of qualified  Air professionals. Choose the best plan through Jobs & Visas USA.
Screen Process Optional
: A  fee of $200 is charged to organize portfolio, prepare resume in English. 
Jobs & Visas USA  makes sure that applicant's your skills, professional qualification qualify for a Green Card through a permanent offer of employment from an US employer that will hire and sponsor under the EB-3 Professional or Skilled Permanent Employment Program. 

Step 2: 
As the applicant accept an offer of employment, the employer/sponsor or recruiter agent start the process in the name of the applicant. All fees if any related to the process is discussed between the parts.

Step 3: 
The whole process may take from 12-24 months to get finalized if applicant is outside the USA. If in the USA and with Visa Status Valid (B-1/B-2, M-1, F-1  or a temporary employment visa, DACA, Asylum, others) the U.S. employer/sponsor or recruiter/agent and their immigration attorney can adjust status and applicant can wait for his Green Card while in the USA, but working for the employer with EAD (Employment Authorization Determination ) as soon as 7-10 monthswhilke waiting for the GC.

Q & A - Questions & Answers

How do I qualify for a Green Card through the EB-3 program program for an aviation position?
R: First of all, you must qualify PROFESSIONALLY for the position available through one of services announcements with Jobs & Visas USA. It can be a position that require BA + experience, or it can be at lower level of qualification and education. The employer/sponsor determine at level of qualification  under the sub-categories of the EB-3 Program: 
Professional, Skilled, or Unskilled.

I am an aviation professional. How can I get a Green Card through employment in the USA?
R: Simple as 1,2,3, but it is not easy. You need to be Viewed, to be Hired, to get Visa through an US employer already sponsoring international workers,  in the profess of it., or with the interest to do so There are thousands of job opportunities in the USA in the aviation business as in other industries as well. But most of the US employers do not know or are not well; familiar with the programs active since 1990 offering to foreigners Permanent Employment Program with Green Card such as: Extraordinary ability,  NIW (National Interest Waiver), Professionals, Skilled, Unskilled (Others). 

How can I get hired as a CPI, Pilot, Mechanic, or any other position related to aviation permanently in the USA?
R: This is what Jobs & Visas USA does exposing your portfolio in a unique and exclusive way. U.S. employers will contact you directly through the platform or the APP. 

What does the word SPONSOR means?
R: It meas that an US employer must shows evidence that it has the financial capacity to pay your salary determined by DOL - Department of Labor. 

Who pay for the expenses of my Green Card?
R: You. The green Card is yours not the employer. The employer hires you and evidence the financial capacity to pay your salary during the time you're hired by him. Now, if the employer decides to pay for your Green Card expenses good for you. 

How much does it cost?
R: Attorney fees and USCIS fees and or consulate fees  between $12,000 to $20,000.  The fees varies from company to company or immigration firms.

Is the Green Card permanent  through employment or its conditional like investment Green Card?
R: Permanent. 10 years renewable and after 5 years you can request your citizenship in the United States.