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Are you an Aviation Talent from overseas dreaming of live and work permanently in the United States?

Get Viewed, Get Hired, Get Visa through the EB-3 Permanent Employment Program - Green Card

We have developed a new program exclusively for the International Aviation Talents from every corner of the world. Come...live in the USA!

Our recruiting

JL Recruitment & Consulting LLC is not a site that post jobs and resumes, and yet it is a recruiting, consulting company specialized in Permanent Employment for foreigners in the United States. Each day, JL present the EB-3 Permanent Employment Program to US employers to learn about the program and hire our talents from overseas permanently.  It is imperative that the professional's profile be ready, completed, professional, and in English. All evidences of experience through Letters of Employment from present and past employers, valid passport, US visas (if any), education certificates, medical exams, video resume, photo, etc. Furthermore, we must be 100% that the professional qualifies for the Green Card under USCIS rules. 

Step 1:
Screen Process: A start fee of $200 is charged that will cover all necessary organization of documentation to create full profile, explanation of the process in person or online, first interview, explanation of the EB-3. Follow the link to download the application online
We must be sure of your skills, professional qualification, and to know if you qualify for a Green Card through a permanent offer of employment from an US employer that will hire and sponsor you under the EB-3 Professional or Skilled Permanent Employment Program. THIS AMOUNT IS CREDITED TOWARDS THE COST OF THE GC CONSULTING FEE..

Step 2: 
As you qualify for the position you're interested in, we will then request your documentation to create your professional dossier to be viewed, to be hired, to get the visa (if outside the USA), the file of the Green Card (if in the USA).

Step 3:
We work closely with US employers that hire and sponsor international aviation talents. We present  to them your professional full dossier for evaluation and possible hiring. Upon hiring you an Employment Letter must be issued in your name stating the title of the offer, length of the contract, salary, place of employment, and salary. This letter of employment will be part of the documentation requested by DOL - Department Labor at the time of your ETA 9089 (Labor Certification). All costs related to the labor process is of responsibility of the employer. 

Step 4: 
As you accept the offer of employment, we move forward presenting you our Financial Retainer Agreement stating the cost of your US Green Card Program organized by our Immigration Attorneys through the permanent employment with our company. We try to make it as accessible as possible offering in-house financing and different forms of payment. 

Step 5:
Upon signing of the Financial Retainer Agreement, we return to the employer  client signaling your acceptance of the job offered. At this point our process will start with our immigration attorney in your name.

Step 6: 
The whole process may take from 12-24 months to get finalized if you're outside the USA. If you are in the USA and with Visa Status Valid (B-1/B-2, M-1, F-1  or a temporary employment visa, DACA, Asylum, others) our immigration attorney can adjust your status and you can wait for your Green Card while in the USA, but working for the employer with EAD (Employment Authorization Determination ) as soon as 7-9 months after your signature with us. Your immediate family can also benefit of a GC as well. 

Q & A - Questions & Answers

How do I qualify for a Green Card through the EB-3 program program for an aviation position?
R: First of all, you must qualify PROFESSIONALLY for the position available through us or any other system. It can be a position that require BA + experience, or it can be at lower level of qualification and education. The employer determine at level of qualification  under the sub-categories of the EB-3 Program: 
Professional, Skilled, or Unskilled.

All positions I find online requires Employment Authorization or Green Card. How can I get one?
R. Employment Authorization (EAD) you acquire accordingly with the temporary visa you have received while in the USA. For instance, you're under the Asylum Program you'll  receives the EAD and can work until your temporary visa becomes permanent. You are in the USA and was hired permanently and your attorney filed an Adjustment of  Visa Status for you, while you're in the USA waiting for your Green Card your get EAD.  

I am an aviation professional. How can I get a Green Card through employment in the USA?
R: Simple as 1,2,3, but it is not easy. You need to be Viewed, to be Hired, to get Visa through an US employer. There are thousands of job opportunities in the USA in the aviation business as in other industries as well. But most of the US employers do not know or are not well; familiar with the programs active since 1990 offering to foreigners Permanent Employment Program with Green Card such as: Extraordinary ability,  NIV (National Interest Waiver), Professionals, Skilled, Unskilled (Others). 

How can I get hired as a CPI, Pilot, Mechanic, or any other position related to aviation permanently in the USA?
R: This is our job to find you a job in the USA by presenting your skills to US employers that will hire and sponsor you. When they hire a foreigner, they must go through a Labor Certification process with Department of Labor - DOL proofing that after posting ads on newspaper, Internet, own site, own place, everywhere, and could not find workers. Then through a recruiting process, a foreigner can be hired. Companies like Facebook, Google, Amazon, Fight schools, individuals hire foreigners everyday under those programs.

What does the word SPONSOR means?
R: It meas that an US employer must evidence that it has the financial capacity to pay your salary determined by DOL - Department of Labor. 

Who pay for the expenses of my Green Card?
R: You. The green Card is yours not the employer. The employer hires you and evidence the financial capacity to pay your salary during the time you're hired by him. 

How much does it cost?
R: Attorney fees and USCIS fees between $12,000 to $20,000. The JL company finance part of the process with a down payment. 

Is the Green Card permanent  through employment or its conditional like investment Green Card?
R: Permanent. 10 years renewable and after 5 years you can request citizenship. 

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