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How US employers are able to hire international aviation talents under the EB-3 Permanent Employment Program

with over 20 years of know-how and expertise in Human Resources and Immigration to the USA now helps business aviation flight departments maximize their most valuable asset: THE AVIATORS.

How does JObs & Visas USA does it?

It constantly already make contact with hundreds of very qualified international aviation professionals from every corner of the world to come to work and live legally in the United States under the EB-3 Professional or Skilled Permanent Employment Program (Green Card). 

Our comprehensive database of Aviation Professionals can be presented to the US employers that can not find labor in their region in the United States and also capable to demonstrate financial capacity to pay the salary offered to the international worker. Does it seems too complicated? Don't worry, JObs & Visas USA and its  referred immigration attorneys handle the process with DOL - Department of Labor for you and with USCIS - Immigration Services assist the international worker hired by you to get his/her Green Card.

We have noticed that a great number of aviation professionals worldwide are predominantly “passive” job seekers and preparing for their next career growth opportunity. Most of them do not know of the opportunity that the USA Immigration services - USCIS offers them to become a permanent immigrant resident through a permanent employment job. So, Jobs & Visas USA present them a sky of opportunities in the United States and guide them through the process to be hired through the EB-3 program.

To be included  in our system, the AVIATOR (applicant) must go through an extensive pre-qualifying process. Our goal is to meet aviation professionals well before we discuss a potential job prospect under the EB-3 Permanent Employment Program. This allows our recruiters to make an objective assessment on an individual’s career aspirations, and to make sure the Green Card through employment will have no reason to be denied in his/her name. Plus, it ensures there’s no clouded judgment (for us or the candidate) based on a particular opportunity.

It also means that when you call us to hire our international talents (Aviators) we’re not starting from ground zero in our search efforts. We will present you several portfolios already at hand for a hiring decision. This will often save you time during the hiring process you are obligated to do so in the United States through Newspaper ads, company site, job boards, SWA, and  in-house to hire national workers, resident permanents, or EAD holders. 

 Aviation Talent - The Sky is the limit!

The goal is to help US employers identify top-level aviation international professionals through a combination of expertise, efficiency and breadth of reach. As well as qualification to receive the Green Card through a permanent employment in the United States such as the EB-3 Program.
Professional - BA + 5 years experience + English (15.000 Green cards annually)
Skilled - minimum of 2 years experience or a specif course related to the vacancy + English (15,000 Green Cards annually)
Unskilled -  less than 2 years of experience, no education, basic language skills (10,000 Green cards annually). 

US Immigration Attorney

US immigration Attorney is important to provide guidance to insure that the DOL and USCIS process are in full compliance with diverse immigration-related regulations and to insure the continuing smooth flow of the process at all stages.  Through our Immigration Attorney we well refer to the the job use what its called Immigration Clinic where the employer and employee follow the process online using a designated login and password to follow their process 24/7.

After you register or sign up or call us 305-968-3326 and submit information about you and your needs and all your jobs avaialable , we will review your questions and e mail you back right away to let you know if a consultation/analysis is appropriate and if so, what it will cost to begin the process for your case. We may also wish to speak with you briefly before moving forward and passing your case to the HR company and its Attorney At Law.

The normal fee for Labor Employment process for the employer:
Varies from $900 to $5000 per process. Newspaper ads $1000-$1200 per title of job depending on the job title and EB-3 Category and what major newspaper we will place the Ads. All information provided to us by our clients is kept 100% confidential.
The employee of your choice will be charge a flat Green Card consulting fee by the HR consulting company and the Immigration Attorney. He/she will sign a separate Retainer Agreement which one.

These days the vast majority of consultations are successfully and more conveniently  conducted using Skype, over the telephone or over lunch. If necessary we will arrange to meet you in a secure conference room in Hollywood, Florida or at your location.

If we do not respond within 24 hours to the request for "consultation", please call us.

Email: jobsandvisasusa@gmail.com