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How would you like to have thousands of people posting your products or services in the Social Media platforms?

Jobs & Visas USA with over 10,000 followers and over 1 million view a month has launched a great Affiliate Program to benefit hundreds of small, medium, and big size companies, as well as individuals selling their products and services online. Become an Affiliate now!

Affiliate Jobs & Visas USA
Jobs & Visas USA together with Leaddyno have launched its Affiliate Platform, so thousands of people (affiliates) promote client's Job Postings, Newsletters, Videos, Texts and Images and Banners through their social media. We pay them for the clicks on our client's Marketing Posts we free to the Affiliates.  

How much do you pay Jobs & Visas USA for our Affiliate Program?
Nothing. Unless you have a good return from our Marketing. We keep track of all clicks on your marketing material and sales. For each 1,000 clicks and good sale, we then invoice you US$.10 for each click totaling minimum 1,000 clicks = US$100. You can also designate a commission for each sale you make through our system of Marketing.

How do I send my Marketing Material to Jobs & Visas USA?
Through Email: 
Subject: Marketing Material Affiliate Program

Hollywood, FL - USA