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 Jobs and Visas USA is a HR and Resume do the USA platform (website) focused on US employers and recruiters and international job seekers to meet online. It is not as big as LinkedIn, but better, not as big as Indeed, much better because our system takes you to real jobs so US employers and recruiters hiring and sponsoring temporary jobs or permanent residency based on their employment offer. 90% of our services is free to the international job seekers. Of course we have paid services to offer job seekers and us employers, but optional. You choose what would be best for you. No pressure for you to buy anything, ever.
International job seekers do not know where the jobs are, who the employers are, what type of program they are in, what visa they sponsor the international workers. Us employers a lot of the time do not know how to sponsor foreigner workers either. Well, we know  both end of the rope, and know well enough to present you to real solutions to come - live and work here in the United States of America correctly and legally!

 is the only online tool in the world with presence in over 100 social groups in social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, among others. WE DO NOT HAVE ANY REPRESENTATION OVERSEAS NOR AUTHORIZE ANY PERSON, COMPANY, OR AGENCY TO COLLECT MONEY FROM INTERNATIONAL OR NATIONAL JOB SEEKERS USING OUR NAME. 

What Jobs & Visas USA do for the US recruiters or employers?
Lots of space to Post Jobs, images, facts, resume access, banners, videos, images, an everything else in between and beyond to get all the international labor they need to work for them either temporarily or permanently. 

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